Welcome to the Energieschaustraße

Welcome to the “Energy Road” (“Energieschaustraße”)
Welcome to renewable energy!
With the 1st international „Energy Road“ (“Energieschaustraße”) we offer the possibility to experience and recognize renewable energy better. Explore the extraordinary fascinating energy cycles of Eastern Styria. We are currently linked with approximately 120 locations in our database. We can introduce to you people who built a variety of constructions at these places. Take the chance to get to know pioneers of this sector.
Let’s take advantage of them.
We created interesting excursion packages for you. You can book special excursions guided by representative experts, energy tours and packages to get to know our “energy resting places”. The heading “excursions”allows you to get an overview of them all. The heading “seminars” is full of actual dates of the “Energy Road” and our associate partners.
The “Energy Road” is embedded in a huge network of experts out of different sections like universities, research institutes and companies. Through their expertise they are privileged to accompany excursions or seminars and speeches.
Your team of Energy Road!