Consciousness modules

Consciousness modules
The 1st International energy road of Europe - at present from the Oststeiermark to Slovenia - offers the world-wide unique possibility to visit all topics of the renewable energy and solar power (direct, indirect and bound form).

We want to be an exemplary model for further projects in this area for Europe and even on a worldwide basis. The 1st International Energy Road shows to the population the wohle variety of the use of the sun energy in oder to create a comprehensive impression of the great variety and the global interrelationship of cycles.
The energy place operators support likewise a agefair processing, like for a qualityful conversion of the topic "sustainable life and renewable energy".

However the information published by them cannot be checked anywhere. Our aim is to counteract, because where the sens ends, the media begins. Mass media, like broadcast, television and press, are the actual opionleader in the present time.

With our consciousness modules the qualification is to be converted by young people and multiplicators with the help of the energy places on professional way.

  • excursion-/project days: with organized trips the main topics of the sun power are prepared in an experience-oriented way for the youth and so the pioneer achievements of the region are pointed out. (module in progress)
  • energy school land week: "the energy on the trace - energies of the future on the energy road" our offer for pupils from other countries to respond; we are able to offer packages for several days. (module in progress)
  • energy lynx book: with stories around the mascot of the energy road "energy lynx" the youth can be brought slowly to future forms of energy. (module in progress)
  • energy ralley sunnet: in order to ensure a uniform and continuous quality of the guidance, so-called "storybooks" are developed and realised with the help of an experience-oriented energy ralley. (module in progress)
  • energy passport: an incentive system to visit set ups as much as possible plants. (module in planning)

We support the lasting nature of the energy policy of the gouverment of Styria and undergo the difficult way of the basic information by using our "consciousness modules". A realisation is necessary from an ecological, economic and socio-political point of view.