Energy Rest Areas

International Energy Road, a transnational ecological art project! The sculputres on the energy places are standing for…

From the wind to the water, from the 1800 m Sommeralm down to Slovenia to the bottom of the Mur, this is the first way of the 1. International Energy Road. At so-called energy places we show you how from nature energy can be won, without endangering resources or the environment. The operators of these plants united to a working group. Their common ground is to show the operation of biomass, solar power, water and wind force as well as the geothermie and make them experiencable and understandable for each age. At selected places the visitors also can refuel own energy. Saliently formed art objects made of wood encourage the visitor to questions: From where does the wind come? Why turns the Gemini house with the sun? Which energy lives in the earth? You will be on discovery journey between the elements wind, fire, water and earth.

This is the definition of the artist Anne & Peter Knoll:
The scenes of this transnational project were arranged experience-marked and didactically. Art plays a substantial role as a mediator between the respective place and the viewer. The artist duo planned sculpures from three solid calibration and/or larch trunks as a combinding symbol for all energy communities. The most powerful trunk is named as "trafo" and is support of the "energy bundle" from acrylic glass. The "energy bundle" as symbol for force and co-operation, which, but is not lit up, it shines by itself. The seven oranges and the twelve yellow round bars symbolize the first twelve energy communities and send an almost magic light in colours of the logo. The "energy bundle" points to the next energy place. Thus in the clockwise direction the energy places are connected. A Corporate Identity of the Austrian-Slovenian project.

The "trafo" has information boards which can be read at any time. The visitor should be reoriented toward renewabele - equally a transformation. The two antennas on the smaller rods send symbolically this know-how into all world. Between two of these wooden "monoliths", the so-called "energy bench" tempts me to possessing, experiencing and thinking. The questions and answers of the local energy place can be research by the so called "info mill"! Nature leads you itself to become quiet and calm, to become able to take up the aspects of lastingness.

Curriculum of the artists:
freelanced artist
pritority: objects, projects, lifestyle, installation, sculpture, design, drawing.
Since 1985 exhibitions, shares of exhibitions and symposiums in Austria and foreign countries.
Studio: 8212 Pischelsdorf 190, 03113/22 42