St. Kathrein - Almwind, Sommeralm

St. Kathrein - Almwind, Sommeralm
On 1450m sea-height is one of the maximummost convenient wind power station of Europe, which feeds the produced electricity by means of generator to 100% into the net.

The dimensions are enormous: The hub of the rotor blade is in 60 m height, the diameter of the rotor amounts to 48 m. The wind-powered device produces annually over 1,5 million kilowatt-hours electricity. This corresponds for instance to requirements of electric current for 300 households.

Robert Santner (2.v.l.) mit irischen Gästen.The wind-powered device is in the beautiful environment of the holidays region Teichalm/Sommeralm, an attractive moving area with excellent hosting. The Sommeralm offers a marvelous remote view. Cows feast beside the impressing large electric producer. The area offers possibilities for kite rising.



More information:

rated output: 750 kW bei 50,4 km/h
rotor speed: 22 U/min
weight: 90 t
weight of the rotor: 13 t
operator: ARGE Almwind KEG