Bioenergy Haas

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Bioenergy Haas
The estate of the family Haas is impressive because of its variousness and the warmth of his residents. Old manual traditions get alive.

So it enters both a modern sawmill, and a “Venezianisches Gatter” (inspect a saw operated with water-power).The well received old grain mill is impressive since it is fully working.

The pumpkin seeds are roasted in the oil mill and pressed to pumpkin seeds oil. The chopping escalopes out of the own sawmill are delivered to customers and one blown on the spot with the pumping car. The same comfort is therefore given as in the case of an oil-fired central heating.

Kürbiskernöl - das grüne Gold der SteiermarkDifferent agricultural products like horse beans, corn, pumpkin seeds etc. are dried with biomass energy. Hogged wood chips are used as way coating between the beds even in the garden. The lady of the house loves to manufacture potterys, is a diet adviser and likes to impart her knowledge.


  • Establishment of the first biomass plant already 1986
  • For the roasting procedures in the mill they installed two boilers
  • each has a rated output of 80 KW
  • For the heating of the house and/or the firm building they installed a 100 KW plant.
  • Corn mill and small e-plant with “Francis” engine