Gsellmanns Weltmaschine - Aircraft engine, barrel soil, round cord machine, mixer, electric motor, drying hood, autoornamental hubcap, Christian’s tree ball, marine propeller, blower, oxygen cylinder, counter box, St Andrew’s cross and much more besides are the elements of the world machine. The work rattles, rings, flashes and blows.

23 years the simple farmer Franz Gsellmann built at the machine, which does not have an evident purpose. World fame and most diverse interpretations, among other things to built a Perpetuum mobile, are its achievement.

Franz Gsellmann jun. hält das Erbe seines Opas in EhrenThe world machine is off all major roads in the middle of a beautiful culture landscape, which spreads a certain kind of peace. Although it is in the outbacks,. it is also internationally considerable. Many travel guides refers the yard of the family Gsellmann.