Castle Kapfenstein lies in the middle of the volcanic country on an extinct volcanic chimney. It shines with a marvelous environment and with a fantastic view in the various, smallstructured landscape.

The nice castle restaurant offers regional kitchen in a marvelous enviroment.

Familie Winkler-Hermaden verwendet den eigenen Wald zum heizen The hogged wood heating system supplies the hotel and the restaurant of castle Kapfenstein and the winery Winkler Hermaden. Winkler Hermaden is internationally well known by his “Olivin” a red vine which you can tast by wine costing and cellar guidance. Beside that you can walk along the
“Geo Trail” which leads you into the landscapes present and past times.


Output of the wooden block heating: 150 kW
sold heating per year: 265.000 kWh/a
company: 18 farmers of the region with the owner of the castle,
called: Bioenergie Fehring Gen.m.b.H.