Ökopark Hartberg

Ökopark Hartberg

The Ökopark Hartberg is the 1. Infotainment park of Austria which is - by the connection of ecology, economics and experience - a lasting experience for the visitor as well as a location for the cycle economy practices after last possible standard.

The former brick work area offers an attractive surrounding field to the most innovative environmental enterprises on an area of 15 hectares.
This presenting project of the Stadtwerke Hartberg underlines the special quality of these jobs with the use of common synergies such as research and experience mechanisms and the mechanism of a self-sufficient en- and disposal system as well as energy system.

Altpapier, ein wichtiger Rohstoff für vielseitige Verwendung!Different research projects in the sense of the cycle economy, the sustainable world and at the sector of the NAWAROS (regenerating raw materials) are the scientific columns of the location Ökopark Hartberg.

Views into the enterprises are permitted – the transparency enterprises! The warming and refrigeration supply with its most different procedures and a number of further alternative forms of energy can be visited at this “Energie-Schau-Platz” facing and touching is our slogan.

Further special exhibitions in our solar showroom change annually. Additional stations such as water park, climbing foil, swampland shank, sound park, forest paths, globe and the Maxoom with its 400 m² large canvas gives you an experience-rich day.

More information on the Ökopark Hartberg:

different Photovoltaik elements f. e. sun protection  
showrooms for heat- and cold für warming and refrigeration supply  
cycle economy  
annualy different exepitions  
industry park – discovery park – fun park  
sidcovery projects for cycle economy  
Styrian’s biggest movie wall – MAXOOM-cinema