ship mill Izakovci

ship mill Izakovci
The ship mill Izakovci was built 1999 and swims on two boats. This historical tradition of the ship mills to the Mur is again animated here.

In direct proximity is also a ship passage, which connects Prekmurje and Prlekija. By the village Izakovci leads a characterized way by the typical riverlandscape of the “Liebesinsel”, on that the mill is thawed.

Getreide mahlen nach alter TraditionAt the mill in Izakovci also the topic path “Mrtivce reke Mure” ends (the old arms of the Mur), which connects this mill with the “Babicev mlin” (the Babic mill in Verzej). During a walk by the intact nature one can make oneself on the search for the former bath place of the countess of Beltinci, which is protected by enormous plane trees. Cultural meetings and celebrations at this special place take place again and again.