Solar Town Gleisdorf


Solar Town Gleisdorf
The town Gleisdorf has already been setting the patterns for solar energy for years. The town´s landmark is a solar tree on the main square, a 17,3 meter tall sculpture with leaves, full of "power".

On the "street of solar energy" you can not only stroll, but mainly experience and view solar energy. Along a 3.500 meter stretch inside Gleisdorf you´ll find more than 100 solar power stations, besides shops and comfortable pubs.

Solarschau bei den FeistritzwerkenMany artistically designed solar objects (f.e. solar tree , the technical sun dial, solar direction signs, solar piano, solar stelas, solar infoterminal, solar showcase, solar fountain) show how sun power can be used in a different way.

The artistic solar power plants are complemented by technically based projects like the low-energy-settlement "Sundays" (main residence of the solar pioneers from Renewable Energy Consortium AEE- Intec), the cloisture object townhall, the solar settlement Johann Fuxgasse, the Feistritzwerke-Energypark and many private solar power systems.
In the Alternative Energypark Feistritzwerke different uses of solar energy can be viewed and tried out:
Thermic collectors, Solar gas stations, photovoltaic systems, photovoltaic cladding power plants, transparent heat insulation, solar fleet with solar bikes, solar karts etc.
The solar city even presents along the expressway- an environmental pilot project for noise reduction with photovoltaic modules had been realised.
Another highlight is the only solar wave pool throughout Austria.

Pflanzenöl tanken zu jeder Tages- und NachtzeitThe project POEM (vegetable oil- operated engines) deals with using pure vegetable oil in automobiles and in cogeneration units (simultan production of heat and power). Diesel traction can add up to 50 % specially filtered rape oil without loss of quality! There is also a rape oil filling station for trial.

Benchmark data of solar city Gleisdorf:
The heat demand of the low energy settlement „Sundays“, an object of demonstration with 1 office and 6 apartments, is 50% provided by a thermic solar system (gross surfache area 233 sqare meters).