Biomass Passail

Passail - biomass plant

This modern plant is one of the largest biomass heating stations of Styria.


Hackschnitzellager für die BiomasseheizungTwo enormous boilers warm up the water for 13,5 km “short-distance” heating pipelines. A technical innovation is the walking floor, a mobile floor in the fuel camp, which carries the wooden trimmings and offcuts to the delivering snail. We offer you a Multimedia presentation in addition to the professional guidance.

More information on this plant:
rated output: 4.000kW + 1.400 kW
length of the pipelines: 13,5 km
sold energy/year: 9.000 MWh/h
operator: Biomasse Fernwärme Passail GmbH & Co KG

The material used for the firing are hogged woods (1 cm large wooden sticks), delivered by farmers surrounding this area. The “Glaserei Göbel” runs this heating station together with 55 farmers. At present 200 buildings and with it almost the entire location Passail are supplied with energy from this “short-distance” heating station.