Weiz - a town full of energy

Weiz - a town full of energy
The city Weiz won 2003 the world-wide Energy Globe Award (nearly 1000 entries out over 115 countries!). Weiz is so far the first Austrian city who was nominated in the 2. place in the category air. Energy-self-sufficient municipalities instead of new high voltage transmission lines!

In Weiz there is also the Gemini plus energy house, which uses less energy than it produces:

Energie-Rast-Platz Weiz am BahnhofWeiz sets the city on nature energy
Weiz as the first municipality in Austria sets the city on nature energy. All requirements of electric current will be covered in the future by oeko-electricity. The oeko-electricity is produced by means of biomass, small water power, Photovoltaik and wind force. Producer will be the this year created society "Weizer nature energy".

Hardly greenhouse gases
Compared with fossil generation of current the generation of current with these energy sources is with less and/or no greenhouse gas missions connected.

Further oeko-electricity planned
The incomes from the nature energy is to flow exclusively into the establishment from new oeko-electricity in the region. As the first project a modern Photovoltaik plant is established with the shopping centre Weiz. The district capital Weiz - the city of full energy - has some characteristics to offer: The Gemini house , a round, unusual house, which turns with the sun, in order to use optimally the sun exposure! It is a “plus energie hours”, it produces more energy, than it uses.

The W.E.I.Z., the Weizer energy innovation center, is the first passive office building of Central Europe, which nearly heats itselves by use of the waste heat by humans and devices such as computers and illuminants. The W.E.I.Z. is the highest timber construction of Austria!
Indication sets Weiz also in the road lighting: The energy for it comes from mini Photovoltaik plants on the lighting columns. Biomass is used in the district heating plant of the Elin and the micro net of Weizberg.

More information:

  • Thermal insulation of the walls and window
  • low temperature heating
  • controlled ventilation use of the terrestrial heat by earth
  • registered Fotovoltaik at the station - Solar lights at the Weizbach
  • sun sail at the Pichlerwerke
  • Gemini house (sun power station)
  • Archimedes wheel
  • W.E.I.Z (Weizer energy innovation center)

Weiz also has got an innovative street lighting: The energy is produced by mini-photovoltaic-cells on the lamp poses. Biomass is being used in the district heat of the firm "Elin" and the micro-net "Weizberg".

  • Photovoltaic on farms
  • Photovoltaic system of the municipality: 21 kWp
  • Solar lights beside stream "Weizbach"
  • Photovoltaic awning "Pichlerwerke"
  • Gemini-house (sun-habitation-plant)
  • Archimedes-wheel (water lifting machine)
  • Warmth supply "Weizberg"
  • District heat 23,5 MW
  • Energy out of wastewater - NEW!