Where comes the hot water from?

Where comes the hot water from?
In Fürstenfeld, the city close of the spa town Loipersdorf there is a great quantity of warm water. This water from the depth of nearly 2000 m is used - instead of for bathing - for the local heat supply net. You will have a guidance by the Geothermie plant at the energy place.

After the technical guidance you will walk on the historical path of the "tabacco-city", hear about the big changes, the fire disaster and plague, from devastations of the Hayduken, Turk and Kurruzen. Price per groupe: Euro 60,- incl. 20% MwSt. Price contains planning, organization, reservation and guidance by a specialist with the Geothermie plant and historical town guidance, documents, exact description of journey

Subsequently programme, depending on weather
  • the child-friendliest family bath with 23.000 m² water surface and 100,000 m² maintained green area can be visited
  • 14 km long panorama way around Fürstenfeld, to be explored approximately
  • at the bike track NR. 8, which leads down to Hungary by the beautiful river landscape of the Laftnitz until to the spa region
  • the new fairy path, which leads from the "Pfeilburg" into the fairytale forest can be explored (also for handicap people as well)