Mark Hartmannsdorf

Markt Hartmannsdorf

Energie-Rast-Platz beim Obstlehrpfad
The heat and power supply of the climatic alliance village Markt Hartmannsdorf is providede by a biomass heating station with attached combined heat and power plant (= CHP).
The municipality-own garbage depot supplies the dump gas, which is fired. Thus electric and “short-distance” heating for the market municipality are produced.
The electricity is also used for the internal requirement of the wooden block heating plant. The surplus is fed into the net. The plant was financed by a contracting company.
The contracting agreement of the plant has a lifetime endurance of 12 years. After that gas looses its quality. The energy output is 80%.
As it is generally known the municipality of Markt Hartmannsdorf takes a lot of climate change safety measures. Just in time with the opening of the new community centre a new ecological fuelling station to fuel electricity. This station is now open for all electric vehicles. (June 2007)
Solar thermal energy and photovoltaics
Herr Niederl mit seiner PV-Anlage.
The municipality Markt Hartmannsdorf argues with the topic energy very intensively. Not at least it was important to the municipality to train the environmental and waste advisor Klaus Schnalzer as the energy consultant. By the possibility of a comprehensive consultation and information of the population it is not amazing that many private initiatives are seized. In the year 2004 Mr. Johann Niederl established one to approximately 25 m² large photovoltaic-plants. The plant produces approx. 3,000 KW/H solar electricity per year. Such plants are also a granted promotion for the municipality.
Solar thermal system
sports centre: 42 sqm with 2000 litres buffer
Photovoltaics community centre: 45 sqm
Photovoltaics ecological fuelling station to fuel electricity: 4 shockproof sockets
Optimon-street lightingOptimierte Straßenbeleuchtung, eine Selbstverständlichkeit für Markt Hartmannsdorf.
The municipality Markt Hartmannsdorf participates constantly in various projects. As one of 11 Styrian pilot municipalities with the project “optimization and a monitoring of street lightings”. In June 2004 the final workshop took place after a nearly one year's project work. The results such as saving of current consumption, with its determining costs and greenhouse gas emissions, before everything in reference to carbon dioxide (CO2), were documented in a manual for municipalities. The municipality Markt Hartmannsdorf could already bring and convert their knowledge during the new conceiving of a section of the road lighting into Pöllau.
Local heat supply connection
Auch die Raiffeisenbank ist ans öffentliche Nahwärmenetz angeschlossen.Since 1988 the municipality Markt Hartmannsdorf operates a biomass heating station (1750 kW) and on contracting basis a dump gas block combined heat and power station. The capacitance for new connections to the local heat supply net is limited. Nevertheless in the previous year the Raiffeisen bank Markt Hartmannsdorf could be won as heat customers. Via modernization and energetic reorganization of the building the conversion of the heat supply changed from electricity to biomass.
Energy Road Opening 2004Gebratenes vom Solarkocher gab's beim Fest in Markt Hartmannsdorf.
Markt Hartmannsdorf is generally known as one out of twelve municipalities of the “1st International Energy Road of Europe”, which currently takes course from Eastern Styria to the southern neighbour Slovenia.
Along that road multiple possibilities for the use of renewable energy (here at that holding-point biomass and biogas) can be discovered, experienced and by its functions explained.
In the year 2004 Markt Hartmannsdorf celebrated a “Energy Road event” with great success. The slogan of the event was: "How much energy contains the wood chip mountain of Markt Hartmannsdorf?"
That the energy future is a special request for the municipality of Markt Hartmannsdorf, proofed this celebration indeed. Many visitors get informations and
attractions like heels of hogged wood, pressing of vegetable oil fuel, cooking of soy products with the sun oven and the presentation of the latest biomass heaters of KWB (= power and warmth by biomass) and the “filzen” of energy balls. They also prepared an energy Quiz with prizes and a child maintenance programme. Also our politicians were present such as LAbg. Bgm. Erwin Gruber, LAbg. Peter Hagenauer and LAbg. Bgm. Ing. Josef Ober and gave their statements to renewabele energy and sustainability.
Borderless Oekostaffel 2004
Bürgermeister Freiberger mit seinem Staffelteam.
In the sense of the transnational partnership for climatic protection and fair trade also the climatic alliance municipality Markt Hartmannsdorf set an indication. “A piece of fairness", meant is the relay stick, a filled backpack with fair trade products,
by the KWB Runners from St. Margarethen/Raab to Markt Hartmannsdorf was brought. Major Anton Freiberger personally started with the baton. The further transport of the relay stick to Auersbach took place by an electric vehicle of the company Bierbauer. The team guarded the vehicle in a vegetable oil-operated bus, driven by Fragollo Journeys Franz Gollowitsch. Major Ing. Josef Ober, member of the styrian parliament took the baton in receipt and presented it on behalf to the engineer of the local energy agency Karl Puchas for a further pollution free transport by means of bicycle.