Ökopark Hartberg

Ökopark Hartberg

The "Ökopark Hartberg" is Austrians number one infotatinment-park, which want to create a sustainable experience for the visitor by combining ecology, economy and experience, working with high-standard recycling management.

The old brick factory premises with an areal of 15 hectare offers many different innovate environmental establishments an attractive surround. This showcase of the "Stadtwerke Hartberg" underlines the outstanding quality of these work places by using together synergies like science and experience appliances and the making of an autarc energy supply and removal system.

Altpapier, ein wichtiger Rohstoff für vielseitige Verwendung!Various scientific projects for recycling management, sustainability and in the sector of NAWAROS (Nachwachsende Rohstoffe = renewable primary products) are scientific pillars of the "Ökopark".

Insights of the establishments are allowed ("glassy establishments"). Supply of warm and cold energy with its various techniques and some further alternative types of energy can be seen in a show.

Further complex special exhibitions in the solar hall change annually. Additional stations like the water park and the Big-Screen-Cinema "Maxoom" with its 400sqm great screen complete an exciting day.

Basic data to "Ökopark Hartberg":

Photovoltaic elements p.e. solar shading system with photovoltaic sun tracking elements  
Show-energy-establishments for warm and cold energy supply  
Recycling management  
Annual special excibitions  
Business park – research park – theme park  
Research projects to the topic energy circulation  
Styrians greatest screen - cinema "MAXOOM"