"Weltmaschine" Edelsbach


"Gsellmann's Weltmaschine" - aeroplane engine, head of a cask, circular knitting machine, mixer, electric motor, dryer hood, hulahoop, decorative cup of an automobile, christmas tree ball, marine propeller, blower, holy water basin, oxygen flask, hay wagon, electricity counter, cross of Saint Andreas and much many items more are elements of the "Weltmaschine". The object rattles, pings, blinks and buzzes.

23 years the common farmer Franz Gsellmann has builded the machine with no obvious sence. Worldwide glory and various interpretations, et al making a perpetuum mobile are his remunerations.

Franz Gsellmann jun. hält das Erbe seines Opas in EhrenThe "Weltmaschine" is situated offroad all main roads amongst an idyllic cultivated landscape, which radiates a form of calmness. The awareness level of this curiosity is also international. The farmyard of the family Gsellmann can be found in many guidebooks. This work is fascinating and put a smile on the face of hardly every visitor.