Solar Energy in general

The power of the sun was the essential factor which made life on earth possible. Sun generates its inexhaustible energy with nuclear fusion in the inner. In the process two hydrogen atoms fuse to helium and an amount of further atoms (heavier) in this reaction chain (exothermal nuclear fusion). The released electromagnetic radiation also achieves our planet with a power which is 10.000 times the worldwide human use of energy.
Our region has a energy potential of 1.000 kWh per square metre. That’s an amount of 112 litre heating oil. Solar energy is no privilege of southern countries. We also can resort to an respectable potential … which is still ready to use.
If we speak about solar energy, we mean the whole spectrum:
  • use of direct solar energy
  • use of indirect solar energy and
  • use of accumulated solar energy

These usabilities should not be used alone and isolated. In fact the use of renewable energy sources should happen consistent with the region and relate to the convention of the recycling economy. That implies that it doesn’t make sense to transport p.e. oilseed wide distances through the continent to produce “ecological” fuel. Our aim should be a strengthening of reasonable value creation chains within the region.