Energy tours

We reassembled new excursion packages for you. These excursions are so-called "energy tours". You can learn about renewable energy technologies and the implementation of them in master plans.

The "Energiefelder Tour" shows which energy sources (so called "NAWAROS" - nachwachsende Rohstoffe = renewable primary products) are available in our region an shall show you future plans and aspects of agriculture and forestry. There is a very big chance for agriculture and forestry to become energy suppliers. Download programme here.

Watch how simple it is for everybody to close his own energy circle if all pull together by the "Energiekreislauf Tour". If it is an multi-family house integrating energy and water in an realisation or utilisation concept or if it is a farmer which steps into future energy self-sustaining. Download programme here.

And to step in contact with all energy suppliers we reassembled the "Energievielfalt Tour". Energy out of air, soil, water and wood can be watched in only one day. Download programme here.