Energy Region Eastern Styria

Energy Region Eastern Styria
Renewable energy represents the smartest economical, social and ecological solution of producing energy. The main aim of the project is an increase of the part renewable energy takes from the whole energy demand, furthermore increasing employments along with strengthened economic power.

In five to ten years the energy region Eastern Styria shall get a remarkable position in Europe. Project leader of the region is Christian Luttenberger (regional management Eastern Styria). This project has a clearly defined priority placement and a diversified regional participation.
  • Enhancement in use of “renewable energy”
  • Increase employment and economic power in the sectors “renewable energy”, “energy efficiency” and “sensitisation”.
  • Coordination of energy activities by topic-appropriate coordinators and partners.


The management of the “Energy Road” developed five power spots (fields of power) with an enhanced excursion-management to offer:
Field of power Coordinator
Biomass Erwin Stubenschrott, KWB
Biogas Karl Puchas, LEA
Solar thermal and photovoltaic Ewald Selvicka, AEE
Energy-optimised building Wolfgang Lackner, Erwin Kaltenegger, IG Passivhaus
Vegetable oil and mobility Birgit Birnstingl-Gottiner, Akremi