Energy Region Eastern Styria

In the context of the project Renewable Energy East Styria the Energy Road and its carrier association Ökocluster got the task to design packages of excursions into the energy region eastern Styria.In the course the Energy Road was reorganized and extended by numerous partners, so that now approximately 120 excursion goals are involved.

One main goal was the implementation of the Excursionmanager.

Renewable energy is economically, social and ecological the most intelligent solution. The project pursues with priority the goals, to increase the portion of the renewable energy of total energy consumption and the number of jobs in the Eastern Styria.

In five to ten years the energy region Eastern styria is to exhibit a appreciative status in Europe. The direction of the project is with Christian Luttenberger (RMO) and the running time this project extends until November 2006.


  • Increasing Renewable Energy
  • Increasing job opportunites and added values
  • Energy efficiency, consciousness
  • Coordination of energy topics with experts and partners
Biomass Coordinator Erwin Stubenschrott, KWB
Biogas Coordinator Karl Puchas, LEA
Solarthermal / photovoltaics Coordinator Ewald Selvicka, AEE Intec
Energy optimized building Coordinator, IG Passivhaus, Lackner Wolfgang, Kaltenegger Erwin
Plant oil and mobility Coordinator Birgit Birnstingl-Gottinger, AKREMI