With the „Energy Road“ (“Energieschaustraße”) we offer the possibility to experience and recognize renewable energy better. Eastern Styria has many “energy pioneers”, which have decided to run alternative energy plants. The “Energy Road” accomplished to link these facilities and operators and made them public.

At this point we’d like to express our heartfelt thanks to the local operators.
Now you can choose out of at total of 12 “energy resting places” and furthermore 100 locations to fully comply with your interests. From passive houses to energy self-sufficient agricultures, from wind wheels to waterpower or from biomass central-heating boiler to solar power - all alternative and sustainable energy technologies can be visited.
Energy resting places: You can book them one by one or let us assemble an attractive package.
Expert excursions: Special excursion packages are guided by the representative styrian experts (within specialised lectures).
Energy tours: tours with different focus - agriculture, energy plants, biofuels, logistics,.....
But if you want to generate your own excursion don’t hesitate to use our excursion manager.

Position plan of the Energy Road: here!
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