Education for sustainable development

Education for sustainable development
2005-14 UN decade for "education for sustainable development" Sustainabiblity can be based only on education for consciousness-shaping...

Sustainable development is based on a social learning and reflection process in the sense of a social paradigm change, with social justice, ecological compatibility and economic efficiency are linked with one another.

Fixing individual treatments alone does not set this process yet in motion, on the contrary appropriate area must be given to the education for sustainable development.
So importantly technological investments or appropriate price structuring are also, without a social learning process can neither social Ausgrenzung, nor climaticwall-blaze to wrong mobility behavior to be lastingly met.

It is essential straight regarding the UN decade "education for sustainable development" (2005 - 2014) that in the total concept the value of the education is sufficiently represented. The development of a European education strategy for lasting development is to be taken up as objective urgently.

Future investments should be transacted in science, technology and education. In view of the UN decade "education for sustainable development" should be taken up its own chapter "development of a strategy for education for sustainable development". At least "science and technology" the role of the education in a paragraph should be emphasized in the chapter. Task of the education for sustainable development is it to arrange for humans the necessary authority and attitudes that future generations find a world worth living.

Education for lasting development aims at consciousness-shaping and
identification with the own habitat and is not thus only knowledge transfer, but action-oriented political learning. A total European strategy for education for sustainable development is to be developed and implemented. Both on more European and on national-even precautions are to be taken that the demanded coherency of the development and ecological, social and economic questions are integrated and opened for the education.