history of the energy road

history of the energy road
Wordl-wide the 1. International Energy Road! Form wind to water - adventure renewable energy.
The 1. International Energy Road is a world-wide presenting project in view to consciousness-shaping direction renewable energy.
Here consciousness-shaping was linked with tourism, economics, art and regional development. Broad social classes have finally the possibility to get experience oriented entrances to future-oriented technologies.

In the first project phase 2000-02 twelve representative energy communities, that are select most different, already converted plants and/or projects in the range renewable energy. Their operator are even usually pioneers in the conversion of projects in the range of renewable energy and want to obtain their knowledge of this lasting life. This enormous potential can be used now for this target. The various possibilities of renewable energy from solar power, wind and water power, biomass, bio fuels, and Geothermie invite to discovering and experiencing!
The twelve energy places connect Austria with Slovenia and extend over all five districts of the Oststeiermark - from the Sommeralm, over Mureck to Izakovci in Slovenia. Starting form wind-powered on the top of the Sommeralm -1430 m height down to the valleys of the river Mur with Izakovci approx. 200 m over the sea level - from the wind to the water!
Eröffnungsfest in Mureck am 21. Juni 2002In the context of the opening celebration on June, 21st in 2002 also the Maskottchen of the energy road, was introduced the energy lynx. All twelve energy places presented themselves at the Murecker main place. 600 energy place ballons with the energy desires of the participants of the school competition were started. With the internationally high-ranking occupied panel discussion to the topic "Karl Totter", responsible person for renewable energy in Mureck, spoke for the Murecker energy circle. The following course to
the Mur, on which a singular "Sonnwendfeuer" was ignited in (!) the Mur, was the tendencyful ending of the program.
In the 2. phase of the Energy Road the 12 municipalities were united to the working group.(project end March 2004)
Since spring 2004 we are already in the 3. phase: Reservation & information center Energy Road. The carrier association Oeko-Cluster Oststeiermark struggled for years to procure a basis financiation for the infrastructure. In order to ensure a further support of the project after 2003, the energy department of the country Styria, under the direction of LH Stvtr. Leopold Schoeggl, helped and guaranteed an emergency financing for 2004 for a person/employee to 50% and aimed for 2005/06 the integration to the project "EnergieregionOststeiermark".
Fachgespräch in luftiger Höhe mit Energie-Pionier Robert Santner (2.v.l.)Successes of the continuous advertisement for the 12 energy place municipalities in the five districts carry already first fruits.
Energy experts from Ireland, France, Germany, Slovenia and South Tyrol came to the exchange of ideas. Planning, organization, execution and company of the specialists were made by Gudrun Haas. The guests didn't have only informations about renewabele energy but also
experiences of the region.
Also for schools we had succeeded for alternative project weeks or days. We connected regional characteristics, knowledge about renewable energy and fun.
Organization and planning are removed from the teachers to us and we offer for the pupils an attractive addition for theoretical instruction:
Projekttage zur Erneuerbaren Energie als Alternative zum theoretischen Unterricht!
  • Net power from renewabele energy?
  • plantoil motors
  • How works short distance heating?
  • What is a passiv-house? a.m.m.
All the questions are answered by specialist at the plants.
"Nothing is as strong, as an idea, their time came!"
- that is our slogan. Only with persistence we will be successful for a sustainable future for generations.