Energy lynx

Energy lynx
- the mascot for renewabel energy

The "energy lynx", a smart protect-worth animal with fine brush ears, so-called antennas, which can be used for sending and receiving. The lynx is the largest unsolicited cat of Central and Eastern Europe and is protected! Ex oriente lux - from the east the lynx is coming!

(Idea and design Anne & Peter Knoll)

The mascot "maskota energeski ris" you can buy

Ein Energie-Riegel ist immer eine Sünde wert!
  • as a material animal edition = energy lynx (hand made, filled with lavender)
    Price: € 8,- and
  • is also the sign of the “energy bar”, a chocolate of the well-known chocolate-producer “Zotter” in Styria.
    Price: € 3,-

An This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. can be made by cash on delivery.

A further symbol for renewabel energy is our "energy ball".