Energy ball
Idea and design by Monika Reindl
The processing of the energy ball:

We shear our sheeps once a year because we also have our animals on the pasture during winter. After segregating wool is washed, ejected, dried and mapped with cold water, in which something soda is dissolved, (combed).
For the yellow colours we take the shell of the onions and rainfarn.

Wool is pickled with alum and is put in the warm bath till cooled down. Afterwards the wool is presented with cold water and washed as long as no more color leaves. At least we place it for drying. Colored wool is only mapped at least.
For one ball it takes twice amount of material of the finished size. During forming we surround it carefully with colored wool and dip it into warm and soapy water. This procedure will be repeated till the ball is nice and round. Afterwards we clean it from the soapy water, eject it and let it dry.

One can use the ball as a therapy ball - after impact accumulation. With three balls you can try to juggle or play with it at any way. Since the ball is so light and soft nothing can’t be broken or shoot down. Some take it also for their pets for playing.

Price of 1 ball: € 3,-
Price of 3 balls: € 7,50
An This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.can be made by cash on delivery.