The "energy lynx", a smart worth to be protected animal with fine brush ears, so-called antennas, which send and receive. The lynx is the largest unsolicited cat of central and Eastern Europe and is protected!

This philosophy of "protecting" is transfered by the energy-lynx to our environment. How is it possible to create a certain understanding of complex subjects such as sustainability and renewable energy for our children? Our idea is it to do this using tales. Fairy tales are a way to support the imaginative power of the children.

The elementary school is the place, where the children make their first steps in writing stories. Our mascot,the energy lynx becomes a fairy tale symbol and pupils are able to invent their own fayry tales using this animal.

The first project "energy lynx stories" was already successfully realised by the elementary school in Mureck.

Here also your class could present energy lynx stories!