Energy Road Municipants
The 1. International Energy Road started with 12 communities. These explained themselves ready to give to the renewable energy an important and special value in their municipality politics.

National promotions for "private houses" will become more money by the municipalities, schools are merged to projects, the public short distance heating is advanced and a "energy resting area" became established. This only some points of the energy policy in these municipalities.

After the end of the first phase of the project (2003) 8 municipalities explained themselves ready to support also further this project:

The carrier association "Oeko-Cluster Oststeiermark" thanks for confidence and insures future projects for the consciousness-shaping of the renewable energy are accomplished.

We invite all municipalities very cordially to step also in the transnational Energy Road family. Use this trend-setting positioning of your municipality and take part in our network. The combinded sign - the energy resting area - can be used as an advertisement column for your sustainable policy.

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