Energy Globe 2006

Energy Region Eastern Styria - Winner in category "Innovative Energie-Kampagne"

On november 6th 2006 the "Energieregion Oststeiermark" was awarded with the "Energy Globe Styria". In the category "Innovative Energie-Kampagne" the project mainly satisfied with a broad approach and effective public performances in advertisement. The "Ökocluster" with Ms. Birgit Birnstingl as a coordinator for vegetable oil and mobility was very important to succeed with this project.

In 2006 the NOEST (Netzwerk Öko-Energie Steiermark) and the LEV (LandesEnergie-Verein Steiermark) in association with the Energy Globe host (GEG Werbung) also awarded the "Energy Globe STYRIA AWARD", the eminantely respectable 14 kilogramme bronze statue.

6th time the Energy Globe Styria Award, THE Styrian prize for innovative projects in the field of energy production, use of renewable energy, use of energy and energy efficiency was awarded. And once more a number of 47 submitted projects was a neu record. Beside the category "Innovative Energie-Kampagne" the styrian overall winner and further special categories were awarded.