Visit of the german partner

A delagation of our partner from Morbach in Rheinland-Pfalz (G) visited us form 22nd till 24th June 2009. Topic of the exkursion was "regional product development".

We visited companies, working in the field of regional product development and preferentially using regional products, e. g. woodwork-, milk-, chocolate-, meat product-, grape seeds manufacturer, brewery.

The participants have collected various positve impressions in the region of Eastern Styria and picked up a lot of important expertises.


Energy Road meets its 1st German Partner!

Styrian Know-how inspired a german delegation from Morbach (Rheinland/Pfalz) last year to become a cooperation partner of the 1st international Energy road. Due to the outstanding expert know how and the developed projects in the field of sustainable renewable energy technologies and the presentation in public, Morbach decided to be the 1st german partner.
The municipality Morbach manages the so called „Energielandschaft“ (, an 145 ha areal: sustainable energy production, wood pellets production,... . It is a pioneer region for sustainable renewable energy: an energy park founded on a former military base (weapon depot of US) and now heading on to make aware of a postfossile energy supply.

Press Conference Mureck (v.l.n.r.): Riebenbauer (Ökocluster), Birnstingl (Energieschaustraße), LAbg. Ober, BM Eibes (Morbach), BM Galler (Mureck), Totter (Seeg)
Press (german version): download