The support association of the consortium "1. International Energy Road" is the Öko-Cluster.

The Öko-Cluster Oststeiermark is a non-profit association working for the advantage of the next generations.
Herbsttreffen 2004The association is not affiliated to any party.
We feel constrained to
  • the principle of sustainability,
  • the CO2 reduction of the atmosphere,
  • the use of renewable sources of energy,
  • the protection of resources and
  • the reinforcement of regional value creation.
The activities of the association are aimed particularly towards these targets.
  • The Öko-Cluster Oststeiermark wants to promote regional cooperation between enterprises, scientific institutions and the public hand to establish and increase sustainable regional development, and thus to improve resp. secure actively the quality of life in the region.
  • The activities of the Öko-Cluster Oststeiermark particularly consider regional aspects and shall contribute both to the increase of the economic power of the region and to the development of regional value creation chains.
  • Concerning these application areas the Öko-Cluster Oststeiermark takes up existing project ideas coming from the region and realises them by the association's means.
  • The Öko-Cluster Oststeiermark defines packages of regional value creation in order to accompany their realisation with its partners in science, research and economy.
  • The Öko-Cluster Oststeiermark initiates and supports measurements leading to CO2 reduction. This especially includes the substitution with plant oil in the range of mobility.

The members of the association Öko-Cluster Oststeiermark are predominantly SMBs in the fields of "sustainable management" and "renewable energy technologies", as well as impulse centers.

Members of science e.g. are: Joanneum Research and the TU-Graz.

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