Project- / excursiondays

Project- / excursiondays
Experience - explain - understand! Active instruction for all school types up to the university!

Our region is future minded and we have many innovative ideas, which are new for you. Also difficult topics as - power from renewable energy - are explained with us descriptive by specialists.

Ein kleiner Sprung im Hackschnitzelberg - ein großer Sprung zur Nachhaltigkeit!You explore the region in the corner of Austria - Slowenia/Hungaria/Austria -amd take part on a varied energy project day. We named the different points of our program with special slogans: "feel the renewable energy", "environmental experience", "historical adventures" and "body movement".

feel the renewable energy:
We show you the variety of the "sunpower"! The SUN gives energy for free and we show you the different ways of use.

enviromental experience:
Our region invites you to explore the most diverse facets: Volcanic country - Natura 2000 area - Blauracken (blue bird)... are only some references in addition.

historical adventures:
We show you the historical places you heart in school. Graz, our federal capital, is explored also in completely special way.

body movement:
Feel the nature with all senses! Our ways and movement offers are no tourist paths, we enjoy our wonderful volcanic country with each step and footstep.