School week programms

School week programms
Energy Road organizes school project weeks in the region! "Anything is as strong, as an idea, their time came!"

"Energy" becomes one of the main topics, which will employ us the next decades. This was the motive of the 12 energy place municipalities in Styria and in Slovenia to make their furnished energy place of a broad population accessible.

Erneuerbare Energie begreifbar machen, dass ist unser Auftrag!With the most diverse sun power plants (biomass/gas, Geothermie, wind, water, solar and Fotovoltaik) one can experience, how energy develops and asks specialists. "With this consciousness-shaping resolution must be absolutely begun at the youth", is the opions of the representatives of the Energy Road.

"Beside the regional schools we want to invite pupils from other countries to organize their project days and weeks in our region", explains the responsible person for the organizations of the Energy Road project weeks - Gudrun Haas.

„We do not want to make high-technically detailed guidance, but offer a varied program, which becomes fair the desires of the pupils and instructors. It is particularly important that the teachers are relieved from the organization and we find a good mixture of fun & play, regional characteristics and guidance with the sun power plants. An expansion of these project weeks is necessary from ecological, economic and socio-political view and offers an alternative for project instruction. The apparently complicated procedures of a "sun power" are made understandable!"