The SUN in the world wide web! The 1st International Energy Road of Europe - at present from the Oststeiermark to Slovenia - offers the world-wide unique possibility to visit within 100 kilometers all topics of the renewable energy and solar power (direct, indirect and bound form).

With our consciousness modules we want to install the idea of renewable energy in a professional way.

These consciousness modules are the guarantee to relise the topic renewable energy and sustainability by applying high standards.

Target of the project SUNNET

With the module energy Rally SUNNET we want particularly to address pupils starting from the age of 10. Sun power plants should be visited by the students and the project day should be prepared for the school teaching (fan-spreading) in the Internet as "interactive energy Rally SUNNET".

Your projects, with topics in renewable energy, should not get lost in carpets, but will be published for everyone. This is the impulse for other schools to deal with these topics in lessons as well. So send us your projects and pictures.

  • If you will initiate a new project, then we´ll be glad to help you, for example:
  • How to make electricity out of renewable energy?
  • Is it possible to create electricity and warmth within a single facility?
  • Is it possible for a car to drive with salat oil?
  • How does the energy circle work?
  • Where is the difference between solar and photovoltaik?
  • a.m.m.

For those topics around sustainability and renewable energy we will organize project days and excursions for you. At the sites expert will show you there facilities and answer your questions. You may send your impressions and pictures to us. Imporant to mention is the fact, that your project request will be europewide. For this reason your reports have to be english.

The following lessons could be included:

  • scientific studies: physics, biology, chemistry, geoggraphie
  • human science: religion, philosophy, psychology, history
  • technical working
  • computer science
  • elementary school: German lessons(fairy tale)
  • representation of those training occupations, which deal with the topic "renewable energy = solar
    power" according to the curriculum (land and forestry, technical
    training professions, etc..)

Your documents, which get published, may be short, long, funny, technical or full of pictures. Every age bracket, from elementary school to university (Diploma) should take our project as european platform!